I will not be mocked, those who have sown wickedness will reap it’s rewards.
Those that have sown righteousness, I will open the door to My glory.

The door to the wicked will be that of judgment.

For My People, those who have experienced great pain,
I am going to turn it and use it for gain, it will turn into gain.
In the midst of their pain, they will see glory.
It will be used for My glory.
The pain will turn and bring gain, it will bring glory.

Those who have sown in tears thru the years, thru the years,
Thru disappointments, thru pain, thru confusion,
Have sown in tears they will reap in joy – they will reap.
They will reap, they will reap, they will reap.
Even as they sleep they will reap, they will reap.

There are many who have said, and are saying that, all that I’ve done has seemed in vain.
I’ve sown righteousness,
I’ve sown faithfulness,
I’ve sown love, and I’ve not seen the harvest, I’ve not seen….
But I have seen, says the Lord. I have seen.
I have kept a book of remembrance, I have written down everything.
And I will not be mocked, for that which you have sown you shall reap.
You shall reap, for I cannot lie.
For I have watched you with a careful eye.
I have seen every tear that you have cried.

Great glory is coming to My church.
A great glory will be revealed in the earth.
My glory, My glory, My glory.

In the midst of all of your pain, know I was working, I was working.
I was working My glory, I was working.
I was working for My glory to come thru, for My glory to shine thru.
Even when you did not know what to do, I was working, I was working.
I was working in unseen places.

For you have wept in your pain, but you will now – Sing in the rain.
The rain of My glory will come upon My Church.
It will be revealed in the earth.
But the rain of My judgment shall come upon the wicked.

Just as in Noah’s day, I have prepared a place,
And I have prepared a way for My people – to Sing in the rain.

This umbrella, this covering will be My glory.
This covering will be for those who draw near to Me,
And who abide under the shadow and the shelter of My wings – says the Almighty.
I will be a great covering, I will cover them with My glory.
I will cover My people with My presence, all those who draw near to Me, draw close to Me

For in the world there will be judgment and there will be calamity,
But not for those who draw near to Me.
Not to those who fear Me.
Not to those who adhere to Me, and hear Me, and obey Me.
For those are the ones who truly love Me.

But for those who have mocked, just as in the days of Noah.
As he warned and preached righteousness.
Those that mocked, and laughed, and rejected.
Upon those I will give one last cry to them.
I will cry out to them one more time – then I will shut the door.

And only those inside will partake of the divine.
Will partake of My glory, My goodness, My peace.
My provision in the midst of famine and calamity.”