“Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors, that’s what I hear.
This is a time My people, you must draw near and hear My voice.
Do not be moved by what you hear or see, but be moved by Me and My Word.
My Spirit will lead you and guide you into truth.

For we are in days of great deception, fear and greed are driving many.
But this should not be said of you, for you are Mine.

There are many fluctuations, caused by man’s manipulations, all to create a sense of peace and security. But your security and your stability must be found in Me.

Frail, frail, frail, for the systems of man, they will fail.
Only those things built by Me will stand and prevail.
They all want to bring stability, but they will not find it, for it can only be found in Me.
Up and down, all around, up and down, all around
Peace and security, will not be found.
Only in Me will there be peace and true security.
Only in Me will there be stability.

So, now is the time to draw close to Me.
You cannot be distant or you will be torn apart, a double minded man with half a heart for Me
and a heart looking to the world for security.

The scales are tipping, they are tipping, while many of My people are sipping on wine.
Oblivious to the seasons and the seriousness of the times.
You must be sober minded and alert, for it is time to awaken, awaken My Church

For many will be left behind, thinking they are mine,
drinking in the pleasures of the day, while the bridegroom is away.
It is time to awaken, a time to Pray.
This is not the time to play.

You must Pray, or you will be led astray.
The enemy would sing you to sleep to keep you from arising and seeking Me.

Awake, Awake, Awake. It’s time to engage, time to pray!”