In your temple God, everyone will cry ‘Glory!”
When the voice of the Lord is heard, every line, every word.

“Glory will surely come, And multitudes will run.
They will come to My Temple.
To be healed, to be filled, to be changed.
They will come.
In My Name…
Many wonders, many works shall be done in all the earth
and all will see My Glory.
For heaven shall come to earth.
Great things I will do thru My Church.
They’ll recognize and they will realize that I am Alive.
I’m not dead but I’m alive.
And I am coming back for My Bride.

The time has come.
I’ll breathe new life into her.
She will rise up. Rise up, rise up in the earth.
A new birth for My Church.

The Bride and the Spirit say ‘come.’
The Bride and the Spirit cry out ‘Come!’
Come Lord Jesus come.”