Please read this prayerfully. We are praying for a cleansing of our land, but our prayer is that it will not have to come through any type of civil war. If there must be a revolution, we pray it is a peaceful one, if that be possible. Again, we share this with you so you can pray and because we believe the prayers of the saints can move the heart and hand of God and bring healing to our land without bloodshed and war. We need to pray for God’s mercy, His grace and that He would descend upon our land with the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and bring our nation to it’s knees in repentance and back to God and His righteous ways.

“There is coming a great, a great cleansing in the land.
A great cleansing in the land. It will begin in the high places,
the high places, the names and the faces many know and see.
A cleansing. The high and lofty ones will be brought down.
I will remove their crowns and I will give them to another.

There will be fighting and wars — even against sister and brother.
A dividing of the vision for this land.
A war against the constitution and those who stand for the foundations of the land.

A revolution is the solution.
And in the end, from beginning to end, the constitution will stand.
There will be a cleansing of the land.
Those who would try to take our rights, will be afraid and they’ll take flight.
But there must come a revolution.”

Then God concluded with:
“It will be by My hand and I will root out of this land, I will use it to cleanse.”

Note: Please pray the President Obama is not assassinated, that is not the way change needs to come, because it could also cause a very bloody racial war across this nation.

Vision of the American Flag being Stripped
I see an American Flag, and the red stripes on the flag, and keep hearing:

“They want to strip away the USA.”

Stripping away, one stripe at a time. They want to strip away the USA. Strip away it’s power, it’s prestige, they want to make it weak, so they can bring defeat. There are those working behind the scenes influenced by the kingdom of darkness to bring down America to make it easier for their global plans. But God has had plans for America throughout time, and He’s not done yet!