“I will bring them to accountability and they will stand before me.
The five fold ministry, they will stand before Me and they will give an account.

Pastors will stand before Me and give an account for the condition of their flocks and the sheep that have been entrusted to their care.

The five fold ministry must prepare My flock for the days that lie ahead.
For if My people are not strengthened and fed, they will not be able to stand, many more will fall prey.

You must prepare them, You must strengthen them.
You must give them meat to eat. No more sweets.
For you are accountable to Me says the Lord for what you feed My sheep.

Would you feed your own child just sweets?
Yet this is what you are feeding My sheep.
You cannot expect them stand.
Because of many in the five fold ministry – they have no strength to stand – they are weak and have become prey to the enemy.

That’s why many have fallen away. You have not given them meat.
Their families are broken and scattered – the men are weak and have no strength to lead their families.
I will hold you accountable says the Lord.

We are in a spiritual war and they must learn to fight,
not with the arm of the flesh, but in God’s power and might!
With His weapons of war, with his wisdom and according to His Word.

Vain and empty philosophies of men, fables and fantasies, psychologies, little scraps from a carnal table, now they are not able to stand against the spiritual wars that are raging in the land.

You must feed my people meat, the meat of My word.
They must know how to fight again instead of building castles in the sand
For you have taught them how to lean on the wisdom and reasonings of man, which cannot stand.
Many have taught them to put their mind on earthly things instead of My Kingdom and eternity.

They must understand and know how to fight, how to use their weapons of war so they can rise up in the strength and power of the Lord. They must understand spiritual things again.

You have taught them how to fight in the flesh, through natural means, but their enemy is a spiritual force and they must learn how to fight that war. Teach them how to fight and win.

Give them meat, give them meat and watch them grow.

Now, I am speaking clearly to you – you must judge yourself and your stewardship.
Are you strengthening My people or are you making them weak.
Are you leading them into victory or are you setting them up and preparing them for defeat.
I will hold you accountable says the Lord.

Know, that I will hold you accountable for how you feed and care for My sheep.
This is not to be taken lightly but this is a heavy weight of responsibility.
I am the head of My Church and those in the five fold ministry must understand that they must build My Church, My way.”

NOTE: It is ONLY when we build God’s Church, God’s way – then the gates of hell will not be able to stand against it. But if we build it based on our own natural reasonings and the wisdom of the world – the gates of hell will trample us under foot.