Preface: Following my 12:00 prayer time today, Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I began to prophecy, with great authority. Following is what He spoke:

“On their knees – a nation will be changed.
It will not be done in the Senate or the Halls of legislation, or the courts of the land.
The nation will be changed – when My people pray,
On their knees before Me – the highest court in the land.
Before Me, before Me.
Before Me, says the Lord – behind closed doors, in the secret place on their knees.
In prayer and humility crying out to Me.

For many are fighting battles that they cannot win.
They fight day out and day in. They cannot win.
But if they will come to Me on their knees – I’ll win their battles for them.
I’ll fight for them in the Halls of legislation
I’ll fight for them on the Senate floor, I will fight for them.

When you come before Me humbly on your knees – I will fight principalities.
I will fight for you.
I will do all the things that you cannot do.
And, as you pray – I will lead the way.
I’ll release My Spirit – in the Halls of Congress.
I’ll release My power – as you pray.
I’ll release My angels – to go and prepare the way.

In a day I can change all you’ve been fighting for, and for decades what you’ve been trying to do.
In a day – I can change, I can turn, I can raise up and bring down.
I can change cities and towns in a day, in a day.
If My people will just hear My voice and hear My cry.
If they will pray. If they will quit running their own way.”