“Men’s hearts will fail them in fear, for they will fear what’s coming near.
As things begin to escalate in the nations of the earth.
Things will escalate, they will build up, they will perpetuate, they will perpetuate,
For the nations have chosen their own fate.
They’ve chosen – for many it’s too late.”

I see people standing, kneeling at the gates of cities.
At the gates. they’re weeping, they’re weeping, they’re weeping for their cities.
And they’re saying ‘What’s happened? We once were so blessed.
We once had so much, but now it lies in ruins.
Who would have believed such a thing?’
They will stand at the city gates and they will weep, they will weep.

Many will desire to go to sleep and not awake.
For many will lose all hope. All their hope will be gone.

They will say ‘How can this be? How can this be?’
Then they will remember the warnings.
Then they will remember that which they mocked.
That which they ridiculed, and those that they called a fool.
They will remember as they weep, as they long to go to sleep and not awake again.

The Lord says, “I am the hope of the nations.
I long and desire to bring salvation.
I long to bring mankind to Me.
To show them My goodness, to show them My mercy.
To display My glory.

For many have refused this salvation.
Many have rejected Me in the nations.
Even those who once walked with Me, they have turned away,
And now some are even mocking Me.

But I cannot offer them another plan,
Salvation can only come through one man, the Son of Man, My Son, My Son, My Son.
There is NO OTHER WAY.
What other sacrifice can I make?”

“Pray, pray that they would have ears to hear and eyes to see – before it’s too late.
Pray Church, you must pray. You must pray, you must pray.

For all that you are fighting for in this life,
All that you are working so hard to attain.
All that you are chasing after will soon be gone.
And then you will stand before Me, with your hands completely empty.
Oh, how very sad, how very sad.

All the earthly things that you worked for,
That you sacrificed your family for,
That you sacrificed My Word for,
That you sacrificed for will be gone. It will be gone.
It will all be gone and you will stand before Me, and your hands will be empty.”


“And the nation and the nations,
Manipulations, fabrications, fluctuations – they’re up and down and all around.
But soon, they shall all come crashing down to the ground.
For they have built upon sinking sand, and none of it will be able to stand,
But it shall all come crashing down to the ground.

And many will say ‘What shall we do? Where shall we go? Who shall we turn to?’
And there shall be a great opportunity for them to come and run to Me.
My Glory will be upon My people and THEY will have the answer.

But for those who do not choose Me, the Prince of Peace,
There shall be another ruler that shall arise – with answers that promise peace
There’ll be stars in his eyes – this one that will arise – deceiving many.”

(I see him with stars in his eyes with such great charisma, it causes almost a glaze over peoples eyes, they are so taken in by him. This appears to be the Antichrist)

“He will not lead them to true peace
But to greater destruction and greater calamity.
All that I have spoken, says the Lord, it shall be done.”

I see nations collapsing and looking for answers and thinking ‘Who do we turn to? What do we do? Who has an answer?’ And I could see the Glory of God being on the Church bringing and answer (Jesus Christ) to them – that the nations still have a choice to make. Then after that a new ruler would rise – I didn’t see his face, I saw his form, and he had stars in his eyes, and people would then look at him with stars in their eyes.

If the nations reject the Prince of Peace, then the one that’s coming will bring a false peace.

“And the Lord would say to His people – I am sounding an alarm.
You must come close to Me, lest you be greatly deceived.
You must come CLOSE to Me
You must hear Me.

You cannot be moved by what you see.
For does not even Satan come as an angel of light?
To draw you in further to the night, and into the darkness?
Know, you must be led by Me.
You must come CLOSE to Me, say the Lord.
You must know My voice.

Fear is not of Me, says the Lord, so you must not fear.
No, you must not fear
But you must listen to Me and you must draw near and hear.

Yes, weep and mourn and cry out for those who have rejected Me.
Pray that their eyes would be opened that they would see, and be set free.
And spend eternity with Me, say the Lord.
Yes, weep and mourn for them,
But rejoice, rejoice, rejoice – for your name is written,
It’s written in My book – the Lamb’s Book of Life.
Your name is written.

IN ME, you are safe and you are secure, in Me.
Remain in Me, and rejoice for YOU have made the right choice.”