Preface: Just two days before superstorm Sandy hit and devastated the Northeast Coast, a prophecy came that has been progressively occurring in the news since then. This not “politically correct” but rather “biblically correct.”

During prayer I sensed a real heaviness as I prayed and wept for our nation. Then the Lord began to speak the following message which included our current president. As before, this is from a biblical stand‐ point, not a political one.

During prayer the Lord said:

“Until America bows her knee in repentance and humility there will be peace no more.
There will be no peace in the streets, no peace on your shores,
But confusion and turmoil, more and more.”

Note: We have seen this unfolding in the news since then—superstorm Sandy, public shootings (such as Sandy Hook Elementary), stabbings, bombings, political scandals, lawlessness, confusion and turmoil, great natural disasters, extreme weather, civil unrest and riots, etc..

Then God continued with reasons why:

“As a nation you must turn from your perversion and greed.
You continue to murder the infant that has no voice to speak.
But, I hear their voices and I hear their cries.

I hear them crying out day and night.
Still you fight for your rights to kill and abort.
I will have it no more,” says the Lord. “I will have it no more.
“I Am the God and Judge of all the earth. America, I am judging you.
You think I do not see your wicked and evil deeds.
I see, I see and you will soon have to answer to Me.

You fight, you fight for your gay rights.
You call them civil, but they are perverse before Me
And they will be your undoing!

You fight for that which is an abomination to Me,
And your president, Obama, has taken the lead.
An Obama nation is destroying you and destroying the foundations you once knew.

As a nation you have become even more vile and unclean before Me.
This is what I see,” says the Lord!

It is the prayers of the saints and their cries for mercy
That have held My great judgment back.

But, if you persist in your ways, I have no choice,but to make you pay.
I am a just Judge and I will bring justice to you,
So I ask you now, what will you do?”

President Obama Note: First, please know this is not about race or political agendas; it’s about serious moral and biblical issues destroying our nation. Second, we pray for our president to hear God’s cry, for he will stand before God and give an account before the Ruler and Judge of the universe for how he has ruled this nation.

Note: The original “America, America!” prophecy came in 2007 during George Bush’s presidency. This shows we do not have a personal agenda against President Obama or any political leader. Rather it’s about the God‐rejecting, self‐destructive path our nation and many of our leaders have chosen.

America, it’s time to repent, turn from your great sin and back to God who made you great. He alone is your only hope! Like the Prodigal’s Father — God is waiting with open arms for your return.