Could it be that this Great Awakening many are believing for will begin with an abrupt overturning of the tables in both our Churches and our Government. Many of us are familiar with the account in Matthew 12:12-13 of Jesus abruptly overturning the tables in the temple and driving out the money changers. Why did He do this? Something was being done at those tables that just was not right! It was corrupt, unjust and unfair. The tables were intended to be a place for serving but instead they had become a place of taking, of robbery and of corruption.

It was the love, passion and zeal that Jesus had for the Father’s house that drove Him to the temple to do something that most would consider both religiously or politically incorrect.

That Was Rude and Judgmental
What most would label as rude or even judgmental was actually a sincere demonstration of the goodness and glory of God awakening them from their deception and slumber. God was cleaning His house and dealing with those things that were causing it to become impotent, weak, defeated and ineffective. Sometimes we need a good jolt to awaken us out of our complacency!

I believe that both our Churches and our Government need an abrupt overturning of the tables to both awaken us to our desperate condition, then to root out all those things debilitating us, and destroying our purpose and God given destiny!

It’s evident that things are not as they should be both in the House of God and in our Government. This is why we are experiencing such a great moral and spiritual crisis throughout our nation. This moral failure, like sewage is pouring into every area of our culture, destroying lives, families, and our nation!

We need a visitation by the Spirit of God that will first Awaken our churches, overturn the tables and bring us to our knees in repentance and prayer!  God’s house must become a house of prayer! The work and the overturning of the tables must begin with us — in the house of God.

1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God.

The Elections and Who Can God Use to Overturn the Tables and clean house?
The truth is God can use whoever He wills to accomplish His purposes and plans. This is why we must pray and seek God in regards to how we should vote in these primaries.

Unfortunately, we cannot go by what we hear or read. We cannot make our decision based on promises, nor by charisma or popularity. God alone knows and sees everything and He knows what kind of man He can use as President to answer the prayers and cries of His people.

Proverbs 3:5-6 instructs us not to lean on our own understanding but to acknowledge Him in all our ways and He then promises to direct our paths.

Before you vote, we encourage you to pray and genuinely seek God in regards to how He would have you vote, then take it seriously! We pray in agreement that God’s purposes and plans alone will prevail in our nation.

Believing to See the Goodness and Glory of God!

Darrel and Cindy