Preface: God has been speaking of things intensifying greatly and for His Church to Be Ready, We must be prepared for the Days of Wonder, Days of Dread, and Don’t be afraid – prepare!

“There are two cups that are filling up.
There is a cup of Judgment and of wrath that is filling up.
And the other cup is filling up, and that is the cup for My Church.
It is a cup that will be filled with My Glory – and it will be poured out on My Church..

There are two cups, and I am filling them up, and they shall be poured out at the same time.
At the same time they shall be poured out, and they shall intertwine.
You shall see both things at the SAME time.

I say to you Church, I say to you – don’t wonder which way –
‘How is this going to go? How is this going to be?’
But know it shall all go My way. It shall all go My way.
So I am calling you up to a higher way. to a higher way.
Many are being lost in the details.
Many are becoming lost and becoming frail being wearied by the daily things, wondering what will be happening.
But I am calling them to come up higher.
I am calling them to see things they way I see.
Keep your eyes on Me and not the small things.”