Preface: This came very strong, and included a time of intercession for the Leadership.

I hear the Spirit of God say:
“From the east to the west, from the north to the south,
I will rise up, and with a Great Shout.
I will bring down everything in My house,
Everything that is standing in My way.

Everything in My way, Everything in My way…
I will bring it down, I will bring it down…it will bow down before Me.
I will bring it down, I will bring it down – with a Great Shout.
And I Will Drive Out of My House…

I will drive them out, I will drive them out…
I will drive them out, I will drive them out…

For there are those who call upon Me, but they have become My enemy.
They have become My enemy – for they have turned My people away,
They have turned them away, they have turned them away.
Turned them to FABLES and Turned them to FANTASIES!
And they have taught them how to build Castles in the Sand.
Castles in the Sand that will not stand.
They will not stand, they will not stand.

Those that have called upon My name, some have become My enemies.
Because They have Turned My people away.
But this is the Day – that I will Drive Them Away from My House!
I will Drive Them Out!

And I will Raise Up with another Shout, with a Shout, with a Shout.
I will Raise Up those who shall take their place.
Those that will turn My people back to Me.
And they will teach My people.
To Build a House that will Stand.

I am Finished – I am Finished with All of THEM!
I am Finished with all of them, who have turned My people away.
I will turn My people Back to Me.
I will feed them Meat – I will feed them.
And they shall grow Strong.
It will not take long.

They will rise up, and they will be Mighty Men – Men of war.
They shall not be prey any more, any more.
They shall not be prey – any more.

I shall get the impostors out of My house.


I’m calling the teachers of Truth to rise up, rise up.
Rise up says the Spirit of the Lord – rise up, rise up!
Speakers of Truth rise up throughout this land – rise up now!

Rise up by the hand of the Lord
Rise up, rise up…says the Spirit of the Lord
Speak Truth, Release Truth…
Rise up throughout this Land…
Rise up, Rise up and Speak Truth


Great Cleansing…
Great Purifying, Purifying….
Sanctifying, Purifying, Purifying
Great, Great, Great Purifying…

I will be like a Fire, a consuming Fire.
I shall burn up the impure things.
The impure things shall not stand before Me says the Spirit of the Lord.
With intense heat, intense fire.
For it is My desire that you would come forth as gold.
And all of My enemies, they shall pay, for I will have My way.

The Fire of My Spirit, it shall come, it shall come…
The Fire of My Spirit, it shall come…
A Great Cleansing and Purifying Fire is coming to My Church.
It is coming, it shall come, it shall come…I DO NOT LIE!
What I have spoken, it shall be done!
It’s coming quickly.
It’s coming swiftly.
And I shall have ALL My Desire, says the Spirit of the Lord.”