Visions from Jan. 15, 2009 – Cindy deVille Introduction: I believe these visions were God’s way of communicating to us that He is absolutely in control. God never loses a battle! When Jesus died on the cross, by all appearances all had been lost, even to all His followers – but God was working out His plan, His way – which was perfect and full of purpose! We just have to trust and rest in Him! In Joseph’s eyes all he had dreamed seemed to have died when thrown in the pit – it seemed all was lost, but again – it was all part of the plan. OUR GOD IS AMAZING!!! Who can fathom the depths of His wisdom? Preface: During a time of prayer I had two open visions – one was right after another – like watching a movie reel. I believe they communicated the fact that God had a strategy – I believe they may relate to His workings and the victory He has in store for His Church and our nation.

First Vision: TRUMP Card Vision

On January 15th, 2009 I had this vision during a time of prayer. I was greatly burdened about the direction the nation would be going with our newly elected President Obama.

Although we didn’t understand what the vision meant, we did share it publicly. We thought it might be about America, but had no idea why it was about a card game. (I don’t play cards or know anything about poker)

Years later when Trump started running for office, we immediately thought of the vision and believed it was about God using him.

I saw a round card table (like a poker table) and I saw a man seated on the left side with cards in his hands (I didn’t see his features, I just knew it was a man) . He was looking at his cards with great excitement and great confidence. He seemed almost arrogant because he had such a great hand and knew the game was his to win.

There were lots of people on his side of the table and they were all gathered around as he showed them his cards. They also were very excited knowing this was going to be a big win for them! They were so confident and even arrogant.

They threw ALL their chips into the middle of the table because they knew they would win big. They were so proud of their hand and proceeded to lay their cards down first.

Then, it was as though I were standing back behind the person who was on the opposite side (right side) of the table – this was the view I had. I didn’t see who it was at first, but I did notice he was alone, with no one on his side of the table cheering him on.

Then, very abruptly and with great authority, he stood up and he played his card. It seemed as though it was just one card. Then, I saw and realized it was God who stood up and played the card.

When He revealed the card, the first card player and his people couldn’t believe it! They were in shock because His hand actually TRUMPED theirs, and He clearly defeated them and won the game!

They could hardly stand it or believe the fact that they lost. They were absolutely convinced it was already their win. They did not however, factor in God and His hand, His surprise plan!

Note: We do believe God has been and will Trump all the plans of the enemy to destroy our nation and we believe He will use Donald Trump to help carry out many of his plans, but only as the Church prays for him and our nation.

Second Vision: A Commander’s Surprise Attack!

I saw a war going on and the Commander General and his troops secretly off to the side. His soldiers were eager, even zealous to move forward into combat because the enemy was so very close and greatly advancing towards reaching their goal. They were almost there. It seemed the Commander General’s army was going to lose the battle and be destroyed. I saw the General standing off to their side but a little in front of them so they could all see him give signals (I was standing behind all of them and somewhat off to the side as well). The General clearly represented God, and He kept telling his troops to hold back and wait for the right time. The General kept telling them not yet, to wait, to hold, and stay steady. Some of the soldiers were very anxious because the enemy was very close and it appeared the enemy was going to defeat them and win the battle. But I could tell that the General had a plan, He was setting the enemy up – it was so strategic. He kept calming the soldiers saying, not yet, hold on – then once the enemy got so close, and the time was right, he released His soldiers to quickly advance and attack. The enemy was shocked and completely defeated.Again, it was so strategic, but yet, it was so close. Concluding remarks:
In both of these visions – the message that stood out to me the most was that by all APPEARANCES the opponent was sure to win. But at the last minute – extremely close to the end there were abrupt changes that caused God’s side to win. We believe this has to do with these last days and God’s plan to turn everything around for His Glory!

Does God have a Plan for Victory?

Absolutely YES! God IS in control and although much seems to be lost and getting worse, He has a plan. And we believe two recent visions above show He has a Winning Strategy. We pray they bring hope! God has been setting everything up as part of His brilliant plan!

Three Biblical examples of: Victory – When All Seems Lost

These are just a few of many throughout Biblical history. Moses & Israel – the Red Sea and an impossible Victory. We all know the story, Israel appeared to be trapped against the sea, with no way out, with the Egyptian army bearing down. Then God suddenly does what seems impossible, parting the great sea, and revealing the hidden path already there. Leading His people to safety, then covering the enemy in the same sea, defeated and never to rise again. God setup the enemy for major defeat, and an historic victory for His people! Joseph – from Dungeon to Ruler in One Day, then Greatly Influenced a Nation
God had given Him a dream of ruling one day, but it seemed the exact opposite had happened. Then at the appointed time, suddenly, in one day he was summoned to use his God-given gift, and everything changed. He saw his God-given dream become a reality, as he was used to save God’s people and bring provision in the midst of great crisis. Jesus – Death on the Cross, then Resurrection and the Greatest Victory of All
 To all the disciples it appeared that their Messiah, along with all their hopes and dreams was dead and lost with Jesus dying on the cross, then buried in the tomb. But God had a plan…and on the third day when Jesus Christ arose with resurrection power, it became clear God had a master plan all along for a Great Victory! These great examples show that God always has a plan for great victory, just as He does now! We believe this will be seen very soon…