Cindy: During a time of prayer God was speaking to me regarding the nations and giving me understanding of what we will be seeing in the earth and why.

“Unraveling, unraveling, unraveling of many things.
Undoing – a falling apart.
I see many losing heart.

As sin grows worse and worse, and things become darker in the earth.
Its consequences shall be seen.
Death, hopelessness, confusion and chaos.
As the world goes deeper into sin, it shall go deeper into darkness, spiraling out of control.
Unraveling, coming apart at the seams, at the seams, the seams”

The Spirit of God, His righteous ways, and the Church being salt and light is like a thread that is holding things together. When it’s taken out of the garment, the garment falls apart. (As the Church we must be salt and light! If the Church falls away, not taking her place – then the world falls a part)

“And as the salt and the light is taken out,
As the Church has withdrawn and backed down,
Has become complacent and laden down with the cares of life.
No longer being salt and light.
That which has held many things together has receded and pulled back.
Pulling back, pulling back, falling away, falling away.
As the Church falls away, the world falls apart…

Time is short, the nations are in an uproar, like never before.
Chaos, confusion, strong delusion.”

“There is a Light. A light, a light, a light that will arise. That will arise…
Boldly shining in the night.

Many will be drawn to you (those faithful, fully devoted ones), because you will know what to do.
You will know the way.
Because you’ve sought Me and you’ve prayed.
Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.
Stay close. Close to Me. Close to Me. Close to Me.
Very, VERY CLOSE to Me.
Keep your eyes fixed upon Me, fixed upon the Vision,
And know that I will bring you the provision you need.
Just follow Me.

Uncommon things. Uncommon things, uncommon things will be happening, they will be happening.
Both the good and the bad – uncommon things.
Things not seen before.

“Fear will grip the hearts of many.
In one day thousands will become like a penny.
‘Worthless! Worthless!’ they will say.
In panic will run away.”

As I prayed God continued to give me understanding of things to come regarding financial systems.

There are things that have undergirded the financial systems. The things that have held them up throughout the centuries, things that have been in place. There getting ready to be yanked out from under them.

Like the foundation of the financial systems that will cause things to cave. I’m not sure if this is for America or the nations, or both. Things they have trusted in – saying it’s always been this way. It will cave from within.

Then God spoke:
“For many say and believe, ‘It’s always been this way, it will never change.’
In their minds that cannot see it any other way.
But the day will come when it will all change.
That which they thought could not be moved, will be moved.
That which they thought could never be changed, will be changed.”

I see:
Reeling and reeling. Shaking. Reeling and shaking.
Really reeling – more than before. More than before. More than before.
A greater reeling – a back and forth.
Like a drunkard not able to get his footing – it will be unstable again.
It’s going to keep reeling, more and more.

Then God said:
“They won’t be able to keep their feet on the floor.
These are the things that are coming.

Call My people in CLOSE, let them know.
Their feet must be planted upon Me, a Rock.
They will find Great peace and stability in Me.
For My Kingdom is not of this world
When the kingdoms of the world are shaking and quaking,
Those in My Kingdom will stand on solid ground.
They will be found – under the shadow and shelter of My wings.
And nothing will move them, nothing will shake them.
For they are grounded IN Me.

There will be those that will cry, and cry out.
There will be Nations that will cry, and cry out.
There will be those who wish to die.
But for those that draw nigh, that have drawn near to Me.
They will be alive.
And, they will be a light.”