On Thursday night we attended the Premier showing of the movie War Room in our city of Frisco, Texas. Months before we had seen the trailer and sensed the spirit of God strong on it. We knew we had to see it and invite our Church to join us. The timing seemed to be perfect as it was scheduled to release right after the release of our book “God’s Answer for America” With God we believe there are no coincidences!

We learned this morning that War Room came in 2nd over the weekend in ticket sales, even though it was shown in only 1/3 of the theatres in the nation. What a testimony!

If you have not seen this movie, we encourage you to go see it and be sure to take your friends and family. It has the potential to change many lives and also our nation because of its truth and prophetic call.

War Room spoke of strategy which is exactly what we share in our book! What we loved most about the movie is it carried such powerful truth throughout and showed how to apply it on a personal level for every Christian. It awakens the heart and spirit of intercession, shows the power of prayer, and stirs the heart of the warrior in God’s people!

The ending took this powerful truth from a personal level, to a national call which was both prophetic and powerful, and so perfectly lines up with the heart cry of God!  At the close of the movie no one wanted to leave, God’s presence was like a blanket and for me (Cindy) I just wanted to fall to my knees and begin to cry out for America and for souls!


War Room is a powerful tool God is using to call His people to their knees! These are the words I continue to hear in my spirit as we have been taking the message of our book to the church across America. I hear God saying with great authority and intesity to His people,  ‘TO YOUR KNEES, TO YOUR KNEES!” This is a strategic and critical time for His people to respond. God is calling His Leaders, His people and His Church to their knees in repentance and in prayer! If we are going to see a Great Awakening and a nation on it’s knees, then we the Church must do what God is asking us to do right now!  Only then will we see a nation on it’s knees and turning back to God!

If you haven’t read the book, God’s Answer for America, we are offering 3 chapters of the book as a free download….. (Click here) or you can purchase it from our website or wherever books are sold.