“So keep your eyes on Me.
And watch and keep your eyes on My holy city.
The apple of My eye – Jerusalem – watch her. She is the key.
Set time – appointed things – happenings, happenings…
Watch her and you will know what time, what time it is.
Watch her, watch her.”

Then this came:
Division. Separation.” (would be attempted?)

Then this vision came:
VISION: About Israel, & the Dome of the Rock Splitting

Note: We do not know if this was literal, symbolic, or perhaps both.
1. I kept seeing what seems like an earthquake shaking Israel…
2. I see the ground breaking, and splitting, where the Dome of the Rock is…
3. The Dome of the Rock splitting in half…like some kind of separation or division, even like a wall.
I saw the Dome of the Rock like it was broken in half, ruined, and destroyed.
It seemed the earthquake split the whole Dome of the Rock in half, right down the middle (may be symbolic).