Cindy: All morning I have sensed the strong presence of the Lord upon me in prayer. As I did, I continued to see the vision of an eagle bowing down. As I pondered this attempting to understand why God was showing me this, the Lord spoke the following to me:
“Cindy, I need you to speak for Me, I need you to tell them what you see. I need you to tell them what I am telling you, so they will know what they need to do.”

This is why we are sending this out to you today and prayerfully attempting to get it to the Leaders of our nation. We have a sense of urgency in sending this out, for we believe it is a “right now” word that God is speaking, and He fully intends to follow through.

The Vision – an Eagle Bowing Down

What I keep seeing is a beautiful eagle (representing our country). This eagle is bowing down, it’s full body and its wings. As it is bowing down there is such a tremendous, grace, beauty and glory resting upon it. This eagle I see is not being forced to bow down, but genuinely and reverently choosing to humble itself under the hand of God. I believe this is a picture of God’s perfect will and the beauty of true humility.

In contrast, the word that follows reveals what will happen if America does not choose to humble herself. God has been speaking and warning our nation for several years, but we are greatly concerned that we are about to see some of these things take place if our nation continues to rage against God and His people. We must understand, God’s objective is life and restoration, not death and destruction (John 10:10; Ezek. 33:11). God’s warnings and judgments come not to condemn but rather to awaken and turn America from her path of utter self-destruction.

Prophecy to America’s Leaders

God is speaking to America and it’s leaders – the White House, Congress, Judicial, Military, all branches of government and leaders across the nation:

“Humble yourself as a nation, and I will lift you back up.
But if you don’t humble yourself before Me,
I’ll need to humble you before the nations of the earth.
And you’ll be exposed and they’ll see all the dirt under your skirt”
We believe this last line reflects Jer. 13:26 about being naked and ashamed, and also has to do with corruption in our government that would be exposed. 

“If you do not humble yourself before Me,
I will humble you before the nations of the earth.
I will humble you in your economy.
I will humble you in your military.
I will humble you before the nation’s of the earth.

For you have mocked Me, and you have mocked My Word, and mocked My people.
And you have fought against Me.
And you have fought against them.
And unless you humble yourself before Me – I, I will fight against you,
And I will humble you before the nations of the earth.

You think that I am silent as you go about your wicked ways.
You think you can rage on day after day.
But there is a time to pay for all that you have done.
And you will pay unless you humble yourself and turn the other way.
For I am hearing the cries of My people and I will fight for them.

This is what you must do, you must humble yourself before Me.
Turn away from your wickedness, your perversion and your greed.
Turn back to Me – and you and your nation will see My goodness and you will see My glory.

But know this, says the Spirit of the Lord,
I have the power to bring you down in a day.
For nations will rise and nations will fall,
But those that call upon Me – they will rise up and they will stand tall.

So make your choice this day.
Will you stand or will you fade and fall away?”

The Economy and Our Military

For many decades America has put her pride and trust in our economy and our powerful military because they have been the strongest in the world. Personally, we greatly love, honor, and pray for our military and those that have served. But the economy and the military are going to be humbled unless America humbles herself and turns around – in genuine repentance and action unto God. For if America does not turn back to Him in time, then God will lift His hand of protection and America will instead come to her knees in calamity, chaos and great loss — in economic collapse, greater natural disasters, widespread enemy attacks, war and destruction.

The good news is God in His goodness, great love, and mercy is sending America a strong, clear warning today in order to save her from great destruction; as with Jonah when God in His mercy and love sent a warning to save an entire city (Nineveh).

We all have a choice to make, which path we will take—self-destruction and great judgment, or a Great Awakening and restoration.

Related America Prophecies

1. This also aligns with a very revealing prophecy from 2007 called America, America!” that is still unfolding in our news today and will be even more relevant in the days to come regarding our economy, military, and historic natural disasters. More details and What’s Coming Next can be seen in the first half our book “God’s Answer For America: How to Save and Change a Nation.”

2. Two days before SuperStorm Sandy directly hit New York, a prophecy came called “To America: Until You Bow Your Knee….” This also sheds more details on why we have been seeing certain things happening in our nation, including shootings, civil riots, and more.

Help Us Get This to Our Nation’s Leaders! Please Share This!

We believe this is a very critical and right now word to our nation and it’s leaders. Please share with your Christian friends and ask them to Pray that America and her leaders would hear this Word and humble themselves. Pray that the vision I saw of the eagle would be what we see all across our nation. America, humbling herself under the hand of God!

If you would like to join Christians all across America to pray at noon each day for a Great Awakening, then we invite you to take the 12 O’Clock Prayer Challenge!  Go here to join!