This prophetic exhortation came as a poem:

When the lines are drawn in the sand, On whose side will you stand?
Will you say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”
Or will you compromise and lay down your sword?

God is looking for strong leaders in this hour,
Those that will not bow down or cower.
Not to money or to man,
But marching to the drumbeat of God’s commands?

What will you do when the pressures on?
Will you stand tall or will you go AWOL?
Will you stand and fight or will you take flight?

It’s time to decide who you will serve.
Will you follow the crowd,
Or will you live your faith out loud?
Will you hide it under a bushel, or set it on a hill?
Surely you know God’s will!

It’s Time for the Real Body of Jesus Christ to STAND UP!
It’s Time to Decide!

For those who KNOW THEIR GOD shall be STRONG and do EXPLOITS! (Daniel 11:32)