“For you shall not live by that which is seen.
But you shall live by that which is unseen,
And this what I mean…

You shall live and be led by My Spirit, and not your head.
You shall live and be led by My Word.
You shall live and be led by what I have shown you.
By what I have instructed you to do.

For that which is seen is subject to change.
What you see today, tomorrow may be another way.
So do not put your trust in, or rely upon, or lean upon that which is seen.
But lean upon and trust in Me.

For there will be lots of shifting, lots of changing – everywhere – many things.
Many will not be able to find sure footing, nothing will seem stable.
Everything will seem unsettled.
But for My people, those who draw close to Me.
They will find great strength, they will find great stability.

For there will be chaos, and many will experience loss.
But not in My Kingdom.
For in My Kingdom there will be freedom.
Freedom from chaos and confusion.
Freedom from the darkness, and the delusions.

Those who stay close to Me, they shall walk in the light, they shall walk in truth.
For in Me there is no darkness.

Those who abide in Me, stay close to Me.
They shall be free from it all.
They will rise up.
They will walk tall.
For there shall be a wall of defense about them, and it shall be My glory.
THEY will shine brightly in the darkness.

Stark contrast, between darkness and light.
Great separation.”